Free Loft Insulation Scotland

Free Loft insulation grants in Scotland

Free Loft Insulation ScotlandFree Loft insulation grants are now available in Scotland for those who have no existing  insulation in their lofts, and for those who claim Pension Credits, Tax Credits and other benefits (Conditions Apply).

Loft insulation is essential. Heat rises in your home and escapes quickly through your loft or attic and out the roof.. This costs us all a fortune as we try to keep our houses warm. Loft insulation makes it increasingly difficult for heat to pass through the roof, trapping the escaping heat and effectively "keeping it in". 

If your loft is not insulated it is estimated that 25% of the heat in your house escapes through the roof. This means that 25% of the money you spend on heating your home is effectively being thrown away. Excessive energy usage also puts harmful Carbon emissions into the environment.

The Governments of Scotland and the UK are attempting to address this waste of energy., and at the same time reduce the amount of money we spend on heating our homes.

What if I already have Loft Insulation?

It is common to assume that your home has effective loft insulation when you are actually spending a fortune on high gas and electricity bills. Your home will probably already have Loft Insulation. But two thirds of homes in Scotland don't have the recommended level,  270mm or 11 Inches.  This is the level of loft insulation needed to stop severe heat loss in the average home. 

How is loft insulation installed?

Loft insulation is placed between and across the joists in your loft, and gives you a protective, sealed area in the home, which stays warm for longer. meaning it costs less to heat your home as your central heating or fire can be on for less time.

free-loft-insulation.pngIn most cases the insulation installation process takes less than two hours to complete, depending on the amount of loft insulation needed.

A qualified and government approved insulation grants surveyor will come and give your home a quick check to ensure it's suitable, and fill in the grant application form. You your free loft insulation will be installed a short time later. Loft insulation is guaranteed for 40 years.

Loft insulation can save you around £200.00 each year on fuel bills.

Around 25% of heat escapes upwards and out of your roof.  Insulation in your loft or attic stops heat escaping and means you spend less on gas and electricity. The current recommended amouint of loft insulation is 270mm (11 inches).

"Most homes in Scotland will have some level of loft insulation already installed. However you may still qualify for an Government Energy Grant to top it up to the recommended level. "

It is common to assume that your loft is insulated properly. Your home will probably already have Loft Insulation but around two thirds of homes in Scotland and the UK don't have the recommended level, 270mm or 11 Inches. 

Heat rises and escapes quickly through your loft or attic and out the roof.
Loft insulation make it increasingly difficult for heat to pass through the roof by trapping the escaping heat.

Loft Insulation - Benefits

The main benefits of having loft insulation installed are:

  • Saves money on your heating bills
  • Loft Insulation Reduces carbon emissions
  • Loft insulation makes your home warmer during winter, and cools it in summer, getting the best of both worlds
  • Increase your home's energy performance rating, making it cheaper to run.


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